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Post by defiant on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:49 pm

OOC: Just to reinforce the rules of BB Role Play.
Since this might be the first time some of you play RPG by BBoard, this is how it goes:

1) you can freely decide your intentions, but remember that the storyteller decides the outcome of events so leave your posts open ended.
----> I jump in between and try to chop of their heads...

2) you are free to decide what you see around you, unless the thing you're looking for gives you some kind of an advantage in which case you leave it open ended again.
----> I see if there is anything, like a chandelier, that I can shoot down an drop on the enemy

3) you're allowed to some degree to let the other characters do & say things, but be very careful here, don't let them do anything their player might not agree with or make them say things they wouldn't say.
---->If you're not sure about this part, always ASK the player before posting.

4) Remember that the storyteller control the timeframe, you can never move too far into the future from the last storyteller post, a few seconds but that's it. You can however always describe the same scene though your eyes, add more detail and state your reaction to what happened.

5) These are guidelines not rules so they can be bent and broken; the idea again is to have fun Very Happy

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