Application for Membership

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Application for Membership

Post by Thanatos on Sun May 22, 2016 9:04 pm

1: Character Name   Thanatos the Merciless

2: Player rank #       954/954

3: Coordinates of homeworld + colonies   20:403:5

4: What games (if any) have you played before, and in what capacity? RP - Everquest, Star Wars, Star Fleet Cmdr

5: Have you ever joined any other alliance in Stardrift?  New Liberty, Galactic Interpol, Murder Inc

6: What is your motivation for joining VnV, and what are your goals in Stardrift Empires?:  Assisting a mate in getting moons

7: Do you have any friends / acquaintances you've gamed with in VnV who could provide a reference:  Defiant, Brooks, Mole Man (inactive), Das Bastage, Phipps, etc

8: Please provide here any additional information you'd wish to share:

Complete this form and post a new topic in the "apply for membership forum"

Thank You,

Arch Chancellor Defiant




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